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HpTrans is a useful tool for HP49 calculator users. Currently, it is capable of
  • transferring files to and from a HP49 calculator via Xmodem
  • increasing transfer speeds by use of special HP49 routines
  • converting between HP49 string files and ASCII text files
In the near future, HpTrans will have a GUI interface and allow transfers by use of the Xmodem server on the HP49 calculator.

News - March 28, 2001
Web site design and implementation has been completed for the most part. So far I have tried to include important information and links. I know there is still some work needed, but I will get to that when I have time. For now I am going to focus on getting a client working for HP49's xmodem server. By the way, I am still looking for someone to do a graphics header for this web site. If you are interested please contact me, Eric Schendel.

News - March 8, 2001
HpTrans version 0.20 has been release!

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